About the Group

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The New Visions for Education Group is made up of some of the UK’s  leading figures in education.   Its members include  senior education academics and administrators,  headteachers and well known figures from parents,  governors and teacher organisations.  Membership is by invitation.

The Group is not affiliated to any political party, nor are the views of members coincident in every detail. We do however share the vision of a high quality equitable public education service. Our purpose is to promote and advocate  those policies and measures that we believe necessary to achieve this vision.

We debate the issues amongst ourselves at regular meetings in London, and take every opportunity to present our collective views to  government, to policy makers and other opinion formers.

If you would like to know more about the group or you wish to respond to any of the publications on this site,  please email info@newvisionsforeducation.org.uk.

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