School Accountibility: Consultation on the Report Card

This paper constitutes two sections:

  1. The New Visions Group response to the DCSF consultation on the School Report Card, submitted in March 2009
  2. A wider paper considering school accountability

The response and paper support the broad notion of judging schools across a wider range of criteria than attainment based on raw scores and contextual value added, as currently provided by the League Tables.

However, we raise questions about the measurability of some of the proposed indicators, especially those associated with wider activities and well-being.

We further question whether attaching labels – be they numeric scores or lettered grades – has validity and provides an appropriately rounded view of a school’s performance.

We also propose that rather than being graded, schools should be judged as ‘licensed to practise’ by meeting a number of demanding criteria, urgent with remedial actions being put in place for those failing to meet them.

Download the full document here