Stephen Twigg MP on the Group’s statement on Education Governance

Stephen Twigg MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, commenting on the report by The New Visions for Education Group, said:

“This report shows that the Government’s education structure is not fit for purpose. Michael Gove has overseen a huge programme of centralisation, with the majority of secondary schools now accountable to politicians and bureaucrats in Whitehall.

“That is not sensible, nor is it sustainable. It is why you see schools being set up in areas where there is no demand from parents, and mistakes being made with academy funding, wasting taxpayer’s money. Labour wants to see schools be accountable to local families and communities.”

Editor’s Notes
1. Press Release: The New Visions for Education Group today publishes a major policy document calling for a restoration of democratic accountability in the education service in England. It attacks the loss of accountability and fragmentation of the education service which it says is the result of the government’s drive towards academies and so called ‘free schools’. The Government’s structure for the public education service is not fit for purpose, the Group asserts.
2. As part of Labour’s Policy Review, Stephen Twigg MP, the Shadow Education Secretary, has launched a consultation to ask how Labour might devolve more power from central government, as a means for improving education standards. The consultation document sets out the rationale behind the process and calls for ideas for devolving more power locally.

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