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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

International Early Learning Study Peter Moss is an Emeritus Professor at UCL Institute of Education, University College London. His briefing paper attached discusses the so far little known but already well advanced OECD plans for an international assessment of early learning outcomes among young children. Professor Moss writes: “The plans for the IELS have been […]


Rescuing the School Led System Securing Teacher Quality

Jonathan Crossley-Holland was Director for Children’s Services for Sheffield City Council for 12 years. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Sheffield Hallam University for his services to City Education in 2008. He joined international education technology and services provider “Tribal” also in 2008 as Director of Strategy for Children’s Services. In June 2011, he […]



Fred Jarvis CBE has taken to blogging. Check out his blogs at In his first blog he challenges Theresa May with the first test of her integrity and sincerity. How can she, he asks, square her “open-mindedness” about Grammar Schools” with the “doorstep declaration” she made on entering No. 10 with her commitment to […]


How is the new world of corporate schooling likely to fare ?

  MATs offer individual schools less independence and autonomy than at any time in the history of English state education. The government’s vision for the future of the school system in England was unveiled in the recent White Paper. Following the enforced diminution of the role of local authorities after more than a century of […]