Election 2017

Education was a big issue in the UK General Election on 8 June 2017. Though the election was called by the Prime Minister Theresa May with her declared intention of strengthening the Conservative Party majority  in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament so as to enable her more easily to negotiate the UK’s exit from the European Union on her terms, other issues inevitably came to the fore in the election debate. Against a background of controversy over cuts in school budgets, university tuition fees and Theresa May’s plans to reinvent grammar schools, controversial even in her own party, concerns about education were centre stage.

The favoured model for the public education systems both in England and in Wales is the ‘School led’ model. It has been supported by Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat education policies for many years and it has been generally favoured by school leaders.

The New Visions Group, however, perceives that under Conservative control the model has been distorted so that  it is no longer delivering consistently in a number of ways which everyone would accept as important features of a high performing system.

In three major contributions to the election debates all under the heading “Rescuing the School Led System” the New Visions for Education Group tackled three of the most crucial questions in education today.  We showed how the school led model, which is good for education management in each individual institution, has been used also as the model for management (or lack of it) of the delivery of the system as a whole and we call for a restoration of locally accountable, planned and properly co-ordinated system management.

Election 2017 – a statement from the Group Chair, Sir Alasdair Macdonald

Admissions and the Supply of School Places

Questions of Education Governance

Tackling the Crisis in Teacher Supply