What’s Next for Education – Buy the Book

As the UK’s 2015 General Election approached, the New Visions for Education Group offered its advice to the new government in the form of a book asking “What’s next for education ?” The answers are offered by several of the country’s leading educationalists challenging politicians to listen to the voices of real knowledge and experience in education. The book is available for purchase by email to jarvisatbarnet@tiscali.co.uk

Introduction – Tim Brighouse
Governance – fragmentation and chaos – Alan Parker
Make OFSTED fit for purpose – Jonathan Crossley-Holland
Treat parents fairly in school admissions – Margaret Tulloch and Melissa Benn
Free the curriculum from tests – John White
Why we should give low grades to Gove’s exams – John Elliott and Margaret Brown
A better deal for the early years – Megan Pacey
Primary education in England: ‘ready’ for what ? To be trusted ? – Colin Richards
The maze that faces 14 to 19-year-olds – Clarissa Williams
How to close the school achievement gap – Alan Steer
The case for sixth form colleges – Eddie Playfair
Universities should serve the public good, not the market – Peter Scott
Youth services can empower the young -Tom Wylie
Let’s make a reality of lifelong learning – Tom Schuller
Teacher education:a revolution or a recipe for shortages ? – Bethan Marshall
Creeping privatisation: now you see it, now you don’t – Stephen Ball
All in this together ? The big picture – Roger Brown