What’s Next for Education – National Forum Speeches

On 23 March 2015 the New Visions for Education Group hosted a National Forum asking “What’s next for education ?” as the 2015 general election approaches. Some 200 of the UK’s leading educationalists and practitioners listened to a range of speakers including Sir Tim Brighouse, Melissa Benn, Baroness Morris, Lord Puttnam and the President of the National Union of Students Toni Pearce. Here are the audio and video files of the speeches

Professor Chris Husbands

Professor Chris Husbands, Director of the Institute of Education of the University of London, welcomes the New Visions for Education Group’s National Forum “What’s Next for Education ?”

Sir Tim Brighouse

Former Chair of the New Visions for Education Group, Sir Tim Brighouse, traces the history of education policy development since the Education Act 1944

Melissa Benn

Journalist, writer and parent Melissa Benn answers the question: What do parents want from schools ?

David Puttnam

Lord Puttnam: “We’re facing serious problems in the UK and I’m not sure we’re taking them seriously enough”

Toni Pearce

Nation Union of Students President, Toni Pearce, calls for a new deal for students and young people

Estelle Morris

Baroness Morris: “Schools need independence and autonomy but independence and autonomy alone are not enough”

Jenny Thompson

Headteacher of the TES 2014 Primary School of the Year, Jenny Thompson, speaks on the realities of life in today’s schools.

Helena Kennedy

Baroness Kennedy: “This current government has been really neglectful of the power of education to change lives”

Fred Jarvis CBE

“I believe this General Election is going to be not only different, but probably more vital for education than any previous general election.”