Membership of the New Visions for Education Group is open to all who share the vision of a high quality collaborative, inclusive and equitable public education service. ¬†Membership gives access to the Members’ section of this website and the opportunity, by Comment on the website, to contribute to the Group’s debates and to be involved in the Group’s campaigning activities.Group policies are decided by a Council of invited members after consideration of papers submitted to it. These policy documents are made available for comment on this website.

Council members also contribute their personal articles. Again these are available for comment.

Applicants for membership are normally accepted on the basis of their applications but the Group reserves the right by decision of the Council to refuse or withdraw membership at any time for any reason which the Council considers appropriate.

The membership subscription for 2017 is ¬£30. Subscriptions are used to assist the Group’s campaigning activities.
Please click here to access the online application form.


When you have been notified that your membership application has been accepted you can pay your subscription on line here.