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Ron Glatter

MATs offer individual schools less independence and autonomy than at any time in the history of English state education. TES Comment online 29/04/16.

When academies are failing don’t pass the parcel bring back local authorities The Guardian Teacher Network 24/08/15
We must end schools being run by contract – it’s fragmenting the education system The Conversation 14/10/14

Early Childhood Forum

“A Charter for Early Childhood – Transforming policy and practice”
The Early Childhood Forum has produced a 12 point charter that aims to influence the manifestos of all the political parties. Read the Charter on the Forum’s own website here

Picking Up the Pieces Alliance

“Reclaiming Education”, A Better Future for Our Schools – seven principles on which the Picking up the Pieces Alliance will be campaigning in the UK General Election in 2013
Fred Jarvis:
Michael Gove’s new “back to basics” curriculum doesn’t add up The Independent 10/07/2013

Fred Jarvis:

Bumpy ride so far and still much to address – Fred Jarvis reflects on Sir Michael Wilshaw’s first year as Chief Inspector – Times Educational Supplement 21/12/2012

Graham Lane:
Gove’s sums don’t add up Tribune 2/11/2012

Jo Boaler:
Make Britain Count: ‘Stop telling children maths isn’t for them’ Daily Telegraph 20/10/2012

Jo Boaler writes about her experience of taking a progressive stance on mathematics education at Stanford University – visit her blog at

Richard Pring:
Book: The Life and Death of Secondary Education for All
Published by Routledge September 2012 Paperback £24.99 Hardback £90.00
20% off when ordered from Routledge website, – quote ACE2012

Ron Glatter:
“Increasing the social mix in schools is the way to close performance gaps” Guardian ‘Comment is Free’ 19/04/2012

Graham Clayton
“The alarming democratic void at the heart of our school system” Guardian ‘Comment is Free’ 26/04/2012

Ron Glatter:
“Are we heading for full profit-making schools?” Guardian ‘Comment is Free’ 28/03/2012

Robin Alexander
“Evidence from the US tells us arts belong at the heart of the curriculum – but it’s our last chance to make this happen” Times Educational Supplement 19/08/2011

Fiona Millar:
“Poor children’s life chances face a new assault from the right” Education Guardian 14/6/2011
“Private schools ‘open to all’? Yes, and we can all dine at the Ritz” Education Guardian 10/5/2011
Our schools do need change – but not Michael Gove’s way Education Guardian 10/10/2011

David Gillborn:There’s no black in the E Bacc” Guardian 12/6/2011

Wes Streeting: “’Two Brains’ is one of us” Times Higher Education Supplement 9/6/2011

Bethan Marshall:Beware the draft excluders. Killing off course work is robbing pupils of the chance to develop honing instincts” TES 3/6/2011

Kenny Frederick:There’s no escape from self-evaluation” TES 3/6/2011

Roger Brown:Not so much deregulation, more dismantling of the foundations” Education Guardian 31/5/2011

Tom Schuller (and David Watson):Resources should not be concentrated solely on the young” Education Guardian 17/5/2011

John White:If the young aspire only to fame and fortune where does that leave our 19th century fact driven curriculum?” TES 15/5/2011

Robin Alexander: Primary Schools need a Broad Curriculum – Guardian 15/3/2011

John Bangs: Teaching reform cannot wait for a new generation Independent 29/9/2011

Warwick Mansell: No choice but to become an Academy ? Guardian 20/12/2011